Quality Policy

Quality Policy of P.W. „EBUD" – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o. is in line with our strive for meeting the expectations of our Customers in such a difficult field which is construction engineering.

Quality, as we understand it, means full satisfaction of our Customers thanks to the highest standard of provided services keeping the most attractive price at the same time. Therefore we commit ourselves to constant improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System.

We pursue this policy in accordance with the implemented Quality Management System consistent with the requirements of the standard PN-EN ISO and AQAP, with full engagement of the whole management and participation of all employees.


The main objectives of the company include:

  1. Meeting the needs of our Customers through the best service, faultless and timely implementation of contracts,
  2. Providing our Customers with services of expected quality, at the most competitive price,
  3. Preventing defects and faults,
  4. Ensuring constant improvement of skills and qualifications of the staff, necessary for professional and reliable service of our Customers,
  5. Creating mutual trust and respect between Us and Our sub-contractors and suppliers.
  6. The above objectives will be realized with any available means and tools resulting from the standard requirements PN-EN ISO and AQAP as well as Quality Management System procedures and instructions.


Trust Our Experience

  • Since the beginning of our operation in 1991 we have gained skills on a number of building sites domestically and abroad. Our experienced team have been appreciated and awarded many times for their professionalism and quality of work.

    EBUD is a reliable partner